Buy Google Cardboard – Experience Virtual Reality for Yourself

We believe virtual reality will be the next major entertainment platform, with Facebook uniquely positioned as we discussed in our 7/23 blog post (click here). While we expect consumers to be able to buy Oculus headsets by the end of 2015, we believe it will be far easier and cheaper for the masses to enjoy virtual reality experiences using their pre-existing smartphones. Consumers will simply need to purchase some form of head gear device that carries your phone. The screen quality on most high-end smartphones today is already good enough to create high-quality VR environments, especially on Android phones with larger screens.

Thankfully, a team at Google has made it so anyone with an Android phone (running Jellybean 4.1 and above) can experience virtual reality today, by creating Google Cardboard. Google Cardboard was announced during the 2014 Google IO event keynote on June 26, 2014. The following day, the team that created Cardboard gave an in-depth presentation (the more detailed Cardboard presentation is embedded to the right and is a very interesting watch to understand how and why Google Cardboard came to life).

Google Cardboard Developer website with FAQ: click here http://
The simplest and fastest way we found to buy Google Cardboard is via Unofficial Cardboard’s website, where you can buy a pre-assembled, fully-functional Cardboard kit with NFC for $21.95.

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