China Economy

China has its first failed bond offering in nearly a year
First quarter growth is now expected to dip below the 7.5% full-year target and possibly below the 7.2% floor
Planners say there wont’ be another massive fiscal stimulus like in 2008 … although a mini-stimulus like last summer is already in the pipeline
It takes twice as much investment capital to deliver the same amount of GDP growth compared to 5 years ago
Trade data is weaker, partly a result of cracking down on fictitious transactions used to funnel cash
The crackdown on corruption has cut fiscal spending and could lop off half a percentage point of growth this year
The PBOC has a new chief economist, who says monetary policy can shift to a target interest rate in 3 years
The PBOC is adding liquidity for the first time in 9 weeks, just in time for tax season
Regulators are opening up sales of securities between Hong Kong and mainland investors in 6 months
Housing prices are slowing down, for now
China’s dependence on global trade make it the first “megatrader” since the British Empire
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